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"A true genius . . . Roald Dahl is my hero" David Walliams Witches really are a detestable breed. They disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise. Luckily one boy and his grandmother know how to recognize these vile creatures, but can they get rid of them for good?

The Witches Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780141346410
  • Pub Date: 7th February 2013
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 224

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20th September '15
Read to a child aged 8
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
He enjoyed the story he read it himself I haven't read it so I don't know anything about it sorry
1st August '15
Read to a child aged 7
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
The Witches is a book about real witches and it is going to be very interesting (I'm still reading it). It tells me about real witches, like they're all bald headed and to disguise their bald headed heads, they wear wigs. They have no toes and they have a very bad plan to get rid of all children. Shall I tell you the plan? They will retire their ordinary jobs and they will buy sweet shops and, as the grand high witch pronounces it, 'sveet shop!' But all the sweets are poisonous and the children turn into mice! I don't know what will happen at the end, but on the blurb at the back, it says the boy and his grandmother have a plan to get rid of the witches for good, so I can't wait to find out what that plan is!
1st October '15
KCJo08 read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
I love Roald Dahl books and really enjoy reading them. I enjoyed The Witches but the story could be a bit frightening and it might be a good idea to read it with a grown up.  Read this book for some funny words you'll have never heard. Roald Dahl is the master of weird words! Roald Dahl is a five star author, big thumbs up!  
1st November '15
Elliemai read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
This book is written in first person narrative and the main character is a boy.  The boys grandmother tells him all of the signs to be able to spot a witch.   When he and his grandmother move to a hotel they might just find themselves in a house full of witches.  Really good book with lots of adventure and mystery
6th October '18
NMcKinnon read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
The witches pretend to be nice ladies but they are not. They do horrible things to children but a boy and his granny have a plan to stop them. There are lots of surprises in this book and I really love Roald Dahl books. 
19th November '18
Leia read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Witches 9780141346410
5 stars
A lot of my friends in my class are reading this book too. It's about a boy who finds out there are witches in England. The witches are not very nice and they do not like children at all. It was a wee bit scary but i am glad my mum was reading it with me. My favourite bit was when the mouse ran up the chef's trousers. That was very funny. 
30th March '18
TopLegomaster read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Witches 9780141346410
3 stars
I find this story too scary for me. I like all the other Roald Dahl books but not this one. The witches are awful and I keep think they are going to get me. 
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