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It's been a busy few months for us at Toppsta towers! We've been juggling new books, changing publication dates, hundreds of requests for reviews, our own children at home over the summer and so much more. We're only a small team but we have big ambitions to make this the #1 place where readers can read, review and recommend children's books to each other. 

So after a massive increase in visitor numbers this year, we are hugely excited to be re-launching our website with three new sections.

1. Recommended books for key ages and milestones

Babies & Toddlers - including Early Learning, Potty Training, Temper Tantrums & more

Books for Ages 3+ - with best books for new brothers & sisters, getting ready for school & more

Books for Ages 5+ - with school reading lists, reading colour bands, bedtime stories & more

Books for Ages 7+ - with school reading lists, graphic novels, books for minecraft lovers & more

Books for Ages 9+ - with school reading lists, author interviews, books to read after Harry Potter & more

Books for Ages 11+ - with school reading lists, books like Alex Rider, popular authors & more

Books for Ages 13+ - with school reading lists, recommended mysteries & thrillers, modern classics & more

Books for Young Adults (15-18) - including books into movies on Netflix, popular series, classics & more

Children's Books Loved by Adults  - including middle-grade fantasy, picture books and books about reading & more

2. A new Schools area

This new academic year, we'd love to make reading a priority at home and at school. To help you find the best books for every age and stage, we have gone through our 65,000 reviews and compiled reading lists of our top recommendations for each year group 

Reception/ P1Year 1/ P2Year 2/ P3Year 3/ P4Year 4/ P5Year 5/ P6Year 6/ P7Year 7/ S1Year 8/ S2

3. Reviewers Favourites 

And finally, we are launching a place where you can browse all 65,000 reviews and discover which books are LOVED by readers! So whether you want to see the Top 100 Books of All-Time or just Top New Releases this is the place to be inspired by other readers and discover books outside of the big names.

We hope you enjoy using the new site. If you have any feedback (or find any bugs) you can let us know using the Feedback tab available on each page.


Georgina x

(Toppsta Founder)

Toppsta Website Relaunch

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