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    J.K. Rowling Biography
    Joanne Rowling (J.K Rowling) is a British author and screenwriter, best known for her internationally best-selling and award winning Harry Potter children's series of books. 

    J.K. Rowling was born on 31st July 1965 and spent her childhood in Gloucestershire and Gwent, south east Wales. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to be a writer, having written her first story about a rabbit called 'Rabbit" aged just six. At 11 years old she wrote her first novel about seven cursed diamonds and the people who owned them. 

    After graduating from Exeter University, J.K. Rowling worked in a series of jobs in London and it was while she was sitting on a delayed train from Manchester to King's Cross London that she formed the idea for Harry Potter. She spent the next five years mapping out the seven books in the series. During this time she moved to Portugal where she married and had a daughter before returning to live in Edinburgh alone with her child. She retrained as a teacher but continued to work on the Harry Potter stories. Her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was published in June 1997. 

    J.K. Rowling Facts
    The 'K' stands for Kathleen, her paternal grandmother's name. Her publisher suggested she use this name as an obviously female author of Harry Potter might not appeal to young boys.
    J.K. Rowling has also written several crime novels under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Her stories featuring private detective Cormoran Strike has been made into a TV series by the BBC.

    Our favourite J.K Rowling Book Characters
    Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley - from the Harry Potter series

    Our favourite J.K Rowling Book Quotes
    “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” (Dumbledore, The Goblet of Fire)

    “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” (Luna Lovegood, The Order of the Phoenix)

    "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." (Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

    "Brilliant! It's Potions last thing on a Friday. Snape won't have the time to poison us all!" (Harry, The Prisoner of Azkaban)


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