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I read this book 10th February '19

The Secret Starling
Author: Judith Eagle Illustrator: Kim Geyer
The Secret Starling is a mystery that has the reader on the edge of their seats. The main character, Clara, has been brought up by her uncle and has lived a 'Victorian' childhood, with no access to treats or things from the modern world around her. When he leaves, suddenly, this plunges Clara into a world that's full of secrets.
We liked the relationship between Clara and Peter; it was great to see the similarities between their two lives play out. We also liked the fact that it was set at a time in history that we didn't know much about, the late 1960s/early 1970s. 
It's quite a challenging book and would be most suitable for older primary readers.

I read this book 25th January '19

Author: Thomas Taylor
If you like spooky stories or stories that are set by the sea, then you'll enjoy Malamander. It starts in a mysterious way and the author never seems to take you in the direction you thought you were going! It feels like it's set in a strange alternate past and the names of the characters, who all seem to be food or sea related, give the book that sense as well. For example, the main characters are 'Herbert Lemon and 'Violet Parma which are almost the names of sweets from long ago!
The book might be a bit too creepy for younger readers but it's a great read for upper KS2!

Was read to me 23rd December '18

The Clockwork Crow
Author: Catherine Fisher
Catherine Fisher has created a magical mystery, which is a treat to read from beginning to end. Seren, the feisty heroine, is immersed in the strange goings on at Plas-y-fran and encounters the clockwork crow right at the start. It's a book that keeps you guessing, right the way through and certainly ends in a most unexpected way! A perfect book for the cold winter evenings and a classic in the making.

Was read to me 2nd December '18

Author: R. J. Palacio
We had all heard about this book but not many of us had read it. We really enjoyed the story, it wasn't quite what we were expecting as it's told from several perspectives. We found that we understood Auggie's sister's feelings and also wondered if we'd have dealt with things differently. It's a great book and we think it might be a good one to read again ,after a time, as it really challenged our thinking.

I read this book 18th November '18

A Pinch of Magic
Author: Michelle Harrison
If you enjoy magical adventures and stories that take you right to the heart of another place and time, you'll love 'A Pinch of Magic. The first chapter is filled with mystery and this continues right the way through. The Widdershin sisters are perfectly written (with Betty being our favourite, of course!). There are magical objects, curses, and all the elements that you'd hope to see in this genre. It's a joy to read and we really hope that there will be another adventure for the sisters in the future.