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Was read to me 1st November '17

Goodnight Moon
Author: Margaret Wise Brown Illustrator: Clement Hurd
This really is the perfect bedtime book, a real classic. It's short and sweet with a lovely mix of pictures so is perfect for winding down. Samuel enjoyed this book before he went to bed and I think it will become a permanent feature on our bookshelf.

Was read to me 14th October '17

The Snow Lion
Author: Jim Helmore Illustrator: Richard Jones
This book really was beautiful. The illustrations and the story made this a joy to read and would make the perfect addition to any bedtime bookshelf. The book itself focuses around Caro, who is a really lovely character for school aged children to relate to, especially as it focuses on the idea of friendships in new situations. The only downside to this book is that it was slightly out of Samuel's age range so I think it would suit a 2+ age range better. Overall however, as a family we really enjoyed this book and Viola has asked for it to be read on several occasions.

Was read to me 2nd October '17

Moomin's Little Book of Opposites
Author: Unknown
Samuel loves moomins and can recognise them from a mile away so this book way perfect for him. With recognisable characters, bright pictures and simple structure it makes a nice book to read while dinner is being plated up or if they just need a minute or two to calm down. Viola also enjoyed this book as she is beginning to learn how to read and the pictures gave clear context that really helped her understand the word she was spelling out. Would really recommend as it works over a wide range of ages.

Was read to me 2nd October '17

My First Hockey Book
Author: Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.
We borrowed this from the library as S & V's dad is a huge sports fan, especially ice hockey and we thought it would be a nice fun book for him to read to them. The book is simply words with the accompanying picture, which is fine for toddlers, but quite frankly completely dull for adults. Samuel also struggled to hold his attention as although the pictures were colourful, it wasn't exactly exciting. This book would be better for chidren who already know and enjoy the game who can them learn the vocab to accompany it.

Was read to me 20th September '17

The Greedy Python
Author: Eric Carle
This book is about a python who eats everything he can find but can't keep it down as he just eats so much! In the end, he so greedy, he mistakes his own tail for food and swallows himself and disappears!

This book was really fun for V to learn basic rhymes eg. slow and low and uses really humorous wording throughout. We loved the hungry caterpillar and much like it, it really encourages children's memory skills and vocabulary alongside quirky illustrations. Thoroughly enjoyed!