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I read this book 15th March '19

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 2: Middle School Mayhem
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
Max gets stuck in his locker over a 3 day weekend and there's nobody at school to help him. I like how he has to climb round the ventilation system to try and get around school. The bit that made me laugh was when his clothes were dirty and smelly so he gets clothes from the girls locker room which are too tight. He has to protect the school from three burglars. The one thing I really don't like is that at the end of the book it says 'to be continued'!

I read this book 15th March '19

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 1: Locker Hero
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
Max has just started at a new school and ends up trapped in his locker. I liked the book because it was funny - Max is a normal kid with asthma and very cheeky. I read the book very quickly as I couldn't stop reading it. The illustrations were great.

Was read to me 12th March '19

Laugh Out Loud
Author: James Patterson
My 9yo son reads a lot of books himself, but we choose certain books to read together. James Patterson is an author I really enjoy reading, we chose this at the library because I found House of Robots and Max Einstein so enjoyable. We did enjoy 'Laugh out Loud' too and loved that it seemed partly autobiographical. It's a pretty motivational read for a child that has a dream! My son loved the fun illustrations. From a grown up's point of view, the short chapters are perfect for when it's a 'Please read just one more!' moment at bedtime! 

Was read to me 9th February '19

The Magic Misfits
Author: Neil Patrick Harris
This is a classic tale of kids uniting to catch the baddies (reminiscent of some of my own favourite Enid Blyton 'Island of Adventure' type books)

My son loved the tricks in the book, and how the whole storyline revolved around different types of magic - particularly where they explained how tricks were done! Many of the chapters had cliffhangers which was great. He loved Theo's technique of making things fly with his violin and music. 

From a grown-ups point of view, it was great that one of the main characters was wheelchair-bound and that Leila had two dads. 

My son could easily have read this book himself as the language was quite simple, but it was one that I really enjoyed reading to him because the storyline was exciting. Will definitely be reading book 2! 

I read this book 21st January '19

Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic
Author: Mark Tatulli
I really enjoyed reading about Desmond's pranks on different people. The illustrations were great and some bits were really funny.