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I read this book 5th February '19

The Unworry Book
Author: Alice James
This is an amazing book. My daughter is such as worrier but doesn’t always want to talk about things. This is great for her to write down some of her feelings. Definitely a book I think we all need in our lives.

Was read to me 5th February '19

The Secret Starling
Author: Judith Eagle Illustrator: Kim Geyer
This is a story about a girl called Clara who one day is abandoned by her uncle, left with some guilt money she starts to fend for herself with the help of a boy named Peter. But her uncles house is for sale. It’s well written and engaging even for an adult. The chapters are fairly short so it’s also quite manageable for my daughter. Highly recommended. 

I read this book 21st January '19

Florence and the Mischievous Kitten
Author: Megan Rix
This is a lovely story. My daughter, who is animal mad, absolutely loved reading it. She loved the characters and it was great that she learned about Florence Nightingale and was keen to find out more about her after. 

I read this book 20th December '18

The Boy Who Flew
Author: Fleur Hitchcock
My daughter raced through this, it is fast paced, action packed and intriguing. She couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The only problem was that the ending feels rushed, I think it needed to be longer or have a sequel to continue the story. 

I read this book 28th November '18

The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods
Author: Samuel J. Halpin Illustrator: Hannah Peck
I was excited to win a copy of this for my daughter as she’s also called Poppy, I thought it would pique her interest as I’m encouraging her to read more grown up books independently. She found it thrilling, it wasn’t at all what we thought, assuming it was a run of the mill fairy tale. It was mysterious and my daughter was excited to pick it up to read more. Highly recommend for readers 9+