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Was read to me 6th February '17

Flying Fergus 1: The Best Birthday Bike
Author: Chris Hoy Illustrator: Clare Elsom
My son (6) absolutely loved this book as a bedtime read where we shared it together. Too much for him to read by himself however he loved listening to me read the story and lots of discussion afterwards about the story, characters and nevermore!!!! The characters are all well described and at some points really funny that made my son chuckle. Great book!!
My eldest (10) has asked to read these as additional books as he heard the discussion and fancied a quick read 

Was read to me 31st January '17

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Colour Edition)
Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
Classic favourite of mine when growing up
And decided I wanted to read it to both my boys. Both have enjoyed it and humour helped this. Classsic Ronald Dahl as had the ability to transport kids off to another world..... not dated!! Hoping they will come back to it to read themselves. 

Was read to me 31st January '17

Flying Fergus 2: The Great Cycle Challenge
Author: Chris Hoy Illustrator: Clare Elsom
Absolutely love these book by Chris hoy. The front cover is fun so my son got into it without opening the cover. Love the little boy tegus who is mad about his bike and cycling, but also the relationship explored between him and his also mad about biking grandad. Grandad ends up being coach to an unlikely team for a cycle race to beat the favourites..... running alongside this story line fergus gets transported to a magical world in hope to find his dad where his bike has magical powers. My son loved this book to the point that we have ordered more from the series. 

Was read to me 31st January '17

The Diaries of Robin's Travels: 10 Book Set
Read these books.... Paris, London and Dubai to my 6 year old who absolutely adored them. He could not wait to get to bed to have these stories read to him. They also made him want to look up the places on internet..... lovely story and educational too. We have booked a couple of days in Paris as a direct result of this book!!! Love the relationship between boy and grandfather and how fun their travels are. Feel good book. So pleased to have received three instead of one I expected!!
My 10 year old also read these books afterwards and enjoyed them too as a light read!!

Was read to me 1st November '16

Monkey Puzzle
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
This is a fab book and another classic by Julia Donaldson. Fantastic illustration again too!! Winner!! It's  about a cute little monkey that's lost his Mum Andy is helped by a butterfly to try and find his Mum. It's a good story and shows children the difference and in animals by words and in pictures.... ultimately it's about a little monkeys journey until re-united with his family!! Very cute and continues to be enjoyed on and off for years now by both boys