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Was read to me 18th December '18

The Christmasaurus
Author: Tom Fletcher
Lovely lovely book! Accessible chapters and sporadic illustrations. I read this to the children each night a couple of chapters at a time. My 3yo didn’t really follow it to be honest but enjoyed snuggling up under a blanket each night. My 8yo enjoyed being read to and really liked the story. It prompted lots of questions and predictions. A really great book, I can’t recommebd it highly enough 

Was read to me 25th November '18

Tappity-tap! What Was That?
Author: Claire Freedman Illustrator: Russell Julian
Haha we love this book! It’s about three scardy friends (owl, mouse and rabbit) all afraid of a raging storm and what might be out there. They are especially scared of ‘the monster of the woods’... who turns out not to be scary at all. Lots of opportunities to put on voices and make the story come alive. We read this story quite a lot and the children always enjoy it. 

Was read to me 25th November '18

Welcome to Alien School
Author: Caryl Hart Illustrator: Ed Eaves
Really funny book about a boy with a huge imagination!!! It’s an imagined story about going to alien school instead of real school. Lovely illustrations help to bring the story to life and it’s a really fun and engaging story that keeps little ones captivated throughout. 

Was read to me 25th November '18

Ant and Bee and the Rainbow
Author: Angela Banner
Another book we’ve returned too! This is a book that’s part of a classic series about two friends, ant and bee. We have the tiny hardback versions. They are fairly long stories with lots of repetitive text that really helps children read along. For example, the word ‘rainbow’ in this book is always written with different coloured letters thus making it stand out and recognisable to little ones. When mentioning colours, red is written in red and yellow in yellow and so on. My 3yo has learnt to recognise these words from reading this book. 
The story is about the two friends seeing a rainbow, and being dismayed when it disappears. So they set to build a ‘make believe’ rainbow and play with it all day. A really lovely story 

Was read to me 25th November '18

Goodnight Moon
Author: Margaret Wise Brown Illustrator: Clement Hurd
My daughter has been having trouble falling asleep. I used to read this book to her when she was tiny but I returned to it as I thought it would help her feel all sleepy and snug. It worked! It’s a short story with calming pictures that really helps to settle little ones. It has lots of little things for tired eyes to spot and a gentle half rhyming text. A really lovely book that should be on everyone’s bookshelf :)