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Was read to me 9th March '19

The Little Raindrop
A lovely book that follows the journey of a raindrop as it descends to earth and passes along the water cycle. A very gentle introduction that kept my little 4yp captivated and interested. It invites questions and helps little ones understand this beauty of nature. I’d definitely recommend this book 

Was read to me 8th March '19

Burglar Bill
Author: Allan Ahlberg
I remember this book from my own childhood! It’s about a burglar who starts out bad but ends up good. Some of the text is a bit dated but the story is lovely and both my children enjoyed it 

Was read to me 8th March '19

It Could Have Been Worse....
Author: A. H. Benjamin Illustrator: Tim Warnes
Fun story with repetitive text. It follows the journey home of a little mouse who narrowly avoids being swallowed up by a series of fortunate events. My 4yo was a little bit scared that something was going to happen to the mouse so thankfully, it has a happy ending. Some things are a bit lost on my daughter (like mousetraps) but other than that she seemed to enjoy it 

Was read to me 22nd February '19

Supertato: Evil Pea Rules
Author: Sue Hendra
We love the supertato books but this one was a little disappointing. My 4yo found bits of it hard to follow.

The evil pea (I really dislike the use of the word ‘evil’ so I often change it to ‘naughty’) is up to his old tricks trying to outwit supertato and take over the supermarket. The usual humour is present and the hero potato ends up usurping the pea from his icy throne. 

Was read to me 19th February '19

Little Monkey
Author: Marta Altes
Lovely book about a little monkey from a large troop. She embarks on a journey of discovery through her jungle home not realising how close she comes to danger. She overcomes her fears and proves to herself that she can climb as fast, as high and as well as all the others but still enjoys a lovely comforting cuddle at the end. Good for little ones who are in a rush to grow up