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"A true genius . . . Roald Dahl is my hero" - David Walliams
Phizzwhizzing new cover look and branding for the World's NUMBER ONE Storyteller! Danny lives in a gipsy caravan with his father, the most marvellous and exciting father any boy ever had.
All the land around them belongs to Mr Victor Hazell, a rich snob with a great glistening beery face and tiny piggy eyes. Nobody likes him, not one-little bit.
So one day, Danny and his father concoct a daring plot that will give the old blue-faced baboon Victor Hazell the greatest shock of his life - so long as they don't get caught ... Now you can listen to DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD and other Roald Dahl audiobooks read by some very famous voices, including Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus there are added squelchy soundeffects from Pinewood Studios! And look out for new Roald Dahl apps in the App store and Google Play- including the disgusting TWIT OR MISS! and HOUSE OF TWITS inspired by the revolting Twits.

Danny the Champion of the World Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780141365411
  • Pub Date: 11th February 2016
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 240

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  • I was glad my father was an eye-smiler. It meant he never gave me a fake smile because it's impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren't feeling twinkly yourself.
  • Most of the really exciting things we do in our lives scare us to death. They wouldn't be exciting if they didn't.
  • A stodgy parent is no fun at all. What a child wants and deserves is a parent who is SPARKY
24th October '16
I read it to Josh aged 8 aged 8 , to Sam aged 6 aged 6 & to Matthew aged 4 aged 4
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
This is one of the best books we have ever read as a family. The boys were hanging on every word and we read huge chunks at a time as they were desperate to know what happened next!
Danny and his Dad live a simple life but his Dad has a hidden secret that he lets Danny in on and the adventures grow and grow.
As you would expect with a Roald Dahl book the vocabulary is superb and the characters are so vivid. Just brilliant, we cannot recommend this enough!
25th July '17
I read it myself (an adult)
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
This book is about how Danny becomes the champion of poaching pheasants through a quite ingenious idea he has. I won't say what it is you can read the book to find out. It's also about a young boys relationship with his warm loving father with the twinkly eyes and the strong bond of love between them. The lovely friends surrounding them like Doctor Spencer and Seargant Samway also deserve a mention. No Roald Dahl book is ever complete without there being one bad character which in this case is Victor Hazell. I am really looking forward to reading Roald Dahl's 'Going Solo' and 'Boy' which I believe is rather autobiographical to see where he got these wonderful ideas from !
11th November '16
I read it to MaxH aged 5 aged 5
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
I read this to my sons, Max aged 5 and Harvey aged 2. I read a chapter each night which was ideal as the chapters are a perfect length for this - not too long or too short. 
Max absolutely loved this book and chose to dress up as Danny on Roald Dahl Day in September 2016. Harvey, at only 2, didn't really understand the story but he loved listening to me reading it, and kept pointing at the picture of Danny on the front cover and saying 'Mummy, that's Danny'!
The characters are great in this story, it is lovely to read about a father and son's close bond. Roald Dahl's descriptions of each character are so detailed that you really can picture just how horrible Mr Victor Hazel's face looked for example.
The plot is an interesting one and kept Max's attention throughout. He loved finding out that Danny and his father had got one over on Mr Hazel.
Definitely a great read!
28th February '17
I read it to Lock1 aged 5 aged 5
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
Love this story, as does my son. Beautiful relationships between friends and family, adventure, danger and death, all explored through this great engaging story by Dahl, a true classic!! 
27th October '16
I read it to Eldest aged 8 aged 8 & to Youngest aged 6 aged 6
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
We all thoroughly enjoyed this story about Danny, his Dad and their adventures.The baddy is satisfyingly evil and the plan for his come-uppance suitably devious and exciting. 
The language, as always from Mr Dahl, is intoxicating, and the story kept both boys interested and engaged - with much giggling too. It also led to some interesting discussions on poaching!!
Definitely a book to have in the family collection, we'll be re-reading this one again soon.
17th March '18
I read it to FJGW aged 6 aged 6
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
I've read this book to my son on two occasions, once when he was five and again now, he is six. He loves the book as he enjoys the element of danger, the story of the characters and learning about how life was 'in the olden days'. He also loves the idea of Danny driving the Austin Seven at a young age, as he himself loves cars and I think relates to this well. I also read this book many times as a child as it was one of my favourites, and I love that Roald Dahl has so readily stood the test of time. 
9th November '18
Kikki read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
Champion of champions... A favourite from my own childhood and now our daughter's. Not to mention all the girls and boys we've given this to as a gift. The response is unanimous, they all love this book, it's exciting, a great adventure, riveting, fun, with wonderful characters. The heart-warming story of a boy and his father living in a Romany caravan near a wood, features pheasants, a bad baddie and a daring plan... It's not just that a Roald Dahl book is bound to go down well, as they do, this particularly brings out heart-stopping joy, a book to inspire further reading! 
18th April '17
I read it to Erin aged 6 aged 6
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
5 stars
A fantastic story of the love between Danny and his only family in the world his dad. Living a simple life in a tiny gypsy caravan no luxuries but each other. Then Danny finds out about his dads secret and this changes thing completely, poaching. A great story, a definite page turn with the odd giggles along the way. 
19th April '17
Esa Mahmood Asghar read it themselves aged 13 aged 13
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
4 stars
A lovely tale by the master storyteller, Roald Dahl.
Danny's father runs a garage, and always tells his son everything. However, when his dad disappears in the middle of the night, it turns out his dad has a secret; He poaches pheasants! But when disaster strikes, Danny comes up with a master plan to poach the most pheasants anyone has ever poached before.

This isn't my favourite Roald Dahl book, as its quite slow and uninteresting in places. However, its still a nice book and beautifully conveys the in-breaking bond between father and son.
15th November '18
I read it myself aged 9 aged 9
Danny the Champion of the World 9780141365411
4 stars
i read it to help me get to sleep every night . it is wonderful story about a boy called Danny and his  dad .Danny loves inventing. one night his dad went hunting  ssssshhhhhhhh. i want tell you any more.
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