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Tom McLaughlin

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Tom McLaughlin Biography
Having started life as a political cartoonist and then an animator, Tom McLaughlin is now best-known for his picture books, including The Diabolical Mr Tiddles, The Story Machine and The Cloudspotter. His first novel, The Accidental Prime Minister was shortlisted for 12 regional UK prizes. Tom's second novel for middle-grade readers, The Accidental Secret Agent, was published in June 2016. 

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2nd April 2015

The Accidental Prime Minister

When Joe tells a local news reporter exactly what he would do if he were leader of the country, the video goes viral and... MoreThe Accidental Prime Minister

(18 reviews) Review
6th July 2017

The Accidental Billionaire

A new, hilarious book from author Tom McLaughlin, creator of the highly-acclaimed The Accidental Prime Minister. Funny b... MoreThe Accidental Billionaire

(12 reviews) Review
4th January 2018

The Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains

A laugh-a-minute, action-packed alien adventure perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and Frank Cottrell Boyce. B... MoreThe Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains

(12 reviews) Review
2nd June 2016

The Accidental Secret Agent

Schoolboy turns secret agent in this hilarious spy spoof! Before you read this, I want you to carefully check that no-on... MoreThe Accidental Secret Agent

(10 reviews) Review
5th January 2012

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

Meet Mr Tiddles - he's not your everyday cat. He's a cat with attitude!When Harry gets a cat of his own, he does everyth... MoreThe Diabolical Mr Tiddles

(7 reviews) Review
5th July 2018

The Accidental President

On a visit to the US things take a strange turn for 12-year-old Ajay when, completely at random and totally by accident,... MoreThe Accidental President

(6 reviews) Review
5th April 2018

Along Came a Different

Reds love being red. Yellows love being yellow. And Blues love being blue. The problem is that they just don't like each... MoreAlong Came a Different

(6 reviews) Review
11th February 2016

The Cloudspotter

His real name was Franklin. But everyone called him The Cloudspotter ... Have you ever looked up at the sky to see a wh... MoreThe Cloudspotter

(5 reviews) Review
15th January 2015

The Story Machine

Elliott is a boy who likes to find things and, one day, he stumbles across a machine. At first, he can’t work out what t... MoreThe Story Machine

(5 reviews) Review
4th July 2019

The Accidental Rock Star

It should never have happened, but somehow-with the aid of a recorder, keyboard, and very disturbed cat-Hector and Ollie... MoreThe Accidental Rock Star

(4 reviews) Review
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