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I read this book 7th November '18

Waiting for Callback: Take Two
Authors: Perdita Cargill , Honor Cargill
A very pleasant read. Very girly! I just wished I had read the first book first!

I read this book 13th February '17

Dead of Night: A World Book Day Book 2017
Author: Michael Grant
This is a YA novel for older readers. 

I think this book is for older readers than me. 

This book is about a young women called Rio Richlin a soldier in the American Army. Rio and her squad are on a training excercise in a place called Wales. With the weather becoming cold, wet and foggy, she is sure they are lost. They come across an old Inn and take shelter at the inn. Once inside she has three rather strange encounters with old soldiers. Sitting at a table on her own, one at a time these soldiers give her a story. Then she realised that she is the only one who can see them. 

It's a good story, but just a bit to mature for me. 

I read this book 10th February '17

The Bone Sparrow
Author: Zana Fraillon
This is a beautiful book. I like the way the bird in the corner of the pages is flying when you flick through the book.

It's about a boy called Subhi, who has spent his entire life living in an Australian detention centre for refugees. He makes friends with a girl called Jimmie who lives on the other side of the fence with her dad and brother. She is a lonely girl and finds a way into the detention centre through a hole in the fence. Subhi and Jimmie become very good friends. This book is about family, friendship and hope.

I would highly recommend this book for children over 10 years old and even a good read for adults. My mum read this book after I did and she said it was very moving.

Reading this book has made me realise how lucky I am to live the life I do!

I read this book 1st February '17

Goldfish Boy
Author: Lisa Thompson
This book is a very good read. Every night I couldn't wait to pick this book up to read. The story is brilliant. 

Matthew spent a lot of time in his bedroom, people watching out of his bedroom window. Matthew has OCD and suffers with a nicety, he doesn't like germs and cleans his bedroom to keep germs away and wears latex gloves. Matthew likes clean surfaces and feels safe in his bedroom away from germs. 
Matthew likes to people watch out of his bedroom and office window making notes in his book about everyday life that goes on in the cul-de-sac he lives in.
Teddy the little boy next door goes missing. Teddy and his sister Casey are staying with their Grandad while their mum is away with work. The police are called and everybody in the close goes looking for him except Matty who can't leave the house. 

I am so glad the ending is a happy ending. 

A brilliant read!

I read this book 29th January '17

Greetings from Wherever You Are: A Wimpy Kid Postcard Book
Diary of a wimpy kid Greetings from wherever you are postcard book is a very nice little book. With 30 postcards inside. It's such a lovely book I would hate to tear any out. I like the way you can colour and write on the front of some of the postcards.