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I read this book 19th March '19

Tom Gates: DogZombies Rule (For now)
Author: Liz Pichon
I have only just discovered the Tom Gates series... and I love it! I think the way it’s written is fab and love all the illustrations with the text and the different sizes of the words. It made me laugh too, like when he sends the sorry letter; that was really funny

I read this book 19th March '19

Earthly Treasure
Author: Kate Petty Illustrator: Jennie Maizels
This is a great book, which you can either dip into or read cover to cover. The pop up / interactive bits make it really intriguing and kept me interested. I love rocks and gems and I learnt lots from this book. I would recommend it!

Was read to me 19th March '19

The Anti-boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do
Author: Andy Seed
I do agree that the book is visually quite busy, perhaps too much... That being said, there are a great range of activities for all different times of the day / places. My daughter and her friends actually really enjoyed doing the reaction challenge and made themselves a little tally chart and everything! I would recommend it for its large variety of activities for lots of different scenarios

I read this book 18th August '18

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog (Book & CD)
Author: Jeremy Strong
I love stories about dogs and Jeremy Strong always makes me laugh! I love reading about what the 100 mile an hour dog gets up to and want to read the others in the series now! 

I read this book 18th August '18

Absolutely Winnie! 3-in1
Author: Laura Owen Illustrator: Korky Paul
I love reading these Winnie the witch stories! I loved the picture books and so gave these longer, more wordy books a try and I love them too. There are still pictures, but in black and white and they are really funny! I like all the funny expressions Winnie uses!