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I read this book 18th August '18

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog (Book & CD)
Author: Jeremy Strong
I love stories about dogs and Jeremy Strong always makes me laugh! I love reading about what the 100 mile an hour dog gets up to and want to read the others in the series now! 

I read this book 18th August '18

Absolutely Winnie! 3-in1
Author: Laura Owen Illustrator: Korky Paul
I love reading these Winnie the witch stories! I loved the picture books and so gave these longer, more wordy books a try and I love them too. There are still pictures, but in black and white and they are really funny! I like all the funny expressions Winnie uses! 

Was read to me 18th August '18

Dog Diaries
Authors: Steven Butler , James Patterson Illustrator: Richard Watson
My little girl (7) really enjoyed reading this and finished it in an afternoon! It’s a humorous account of life from the dogs perspective and I heard many giggles! It was perfect reading for her age and a harmless, amusing subject matter. Would recommend!

Was read to me 20th February '18

Can I Join Your Club?
Author: John Kelly Illustrator: Steph Laberis
A lovely story about being inclusive. My 6 year old daughter really enjoyed it, as did my Reception class. Recommended.

Was read to me 13th February '18

Katie: Katie and the British Artists
Author: James Mayhew
I love these books by James Mayhew. Katie jumps into the paintings and gives the reader a lovely insight into the painting, the artist and the history of the time through a very readable story format. A wide age range of appeal. Read to enjoy, or as a great stimulus for teaching. Thoroughly recommend.