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Was read to me 14th October '18

The Wonderful Things You Will Be
Author: Emily Martin
One of my favourite children books. 

This book is amazing and will leave your heart so warm and full. 

A story portraying the love and acceptance parents have for their children.

Both of my children love the illustration in this book to and it keeps my youngest engaged. 

Was read to me 14th October '18

One Love
Author: Cedella Marley Illustrator: Vanessa Newton
Wow - if you’re looking for a different book to add to your children’s book then you need to try this!

This book is made form the lyrics from Bob Marley’s song ‘One Love’ it is infectious is the most delightful way and will leave you smiling away!

Perfect for all children and adults too!

Was read to me 14th October '18

Little Hazelnut
Authors: Anne-Florence Lemasson , Dominique Ehrhard
Beautiful book from start to finish and perfect for those winter months.

Illustration is fantastic and so engaging for children from 0-5years.

Highly recommend for a family read. 

I read this book 14th October '18

I Want to go First!
Author: Richard Byrne
First look: Really beautiful book to look at. Illustrations are fabulous throughout the whole book. Hardcover and a great size for children to hold too. 

Me and my children love this story. The characters are relatable to children and so much warmth from them.

Great book, with a a great moral behind it. 

Highly recommend for school beginners upwards 

Was read to me 2nd November '17

The Talent Show: Schoolies
Author: Roger Priddy
Really lovely book that was given to my daughter to help calm her nerves before her first school play.

My only criticism is the book is a little too thin or flimsy for small children. But excellent moral to story and great illustration.