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I read this book 18th February '19

The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons
Author: Josh Lacey Illustrator: Garry Parsons
My daughter wouldn't put this book down. We havnt read any of the other books but my daughter had now asked for then for her birthday in few weeks. 
This ones is about Eddie who has travelled with his uncle Morton to Mongolia but his mum thinks they have gone to Glasgow. They are hoping to be one of the few to watch the Great Dragon Battle Ceremony. Poor mum has now got to dragon sit though. 
I love the fact it's done as emails between Eddie and his mum and has brilliant illustrations. It's definitely full of adventures.

I read this book 23rd January '19

Super Cats
Author: Gwyneth Rees Illustrator: Becka Moor
My daughter loved this book so much she read it all in one day. She loved the illustrations and the story. This is about tagg who finds out his parents are super cat and so is he. The only problem is he doesn't know what his super power is. When super cats go missing it's up to tagg and his new friend to help go and investigate. I won't spoil it but it definitely had my daughter hooked. 

I read this book 20th December '18

Where's Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search
Author: Martin Handford
My daughter loved this book. She will sit for hours doing them normal one so when this arrived she couldn't wait to try it. This is where's wally with a difference as its in the dark. You get a stick which you use as a search light to help you find the characters in the dark. This book is very cleverly done and my daughters had hours of fun with it. 

Was read to me 9th October '18

Oi Goat!: World Book Day 2018
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
We love this series of books and have them also so far. They are so funny and kids love reading them. We hope they have many more to come 

Was read to me 9th October '18

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
Author: Lynley Dodd
My youngest daughter has come home with a few of these from school now and she loves them. They love the illustrations and seeing how they will see along the way