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Was read to me 31st August '18

My Mixed Emotions: Learn to Love Your Feelings
Author: DK
I love this book. My children both said that this book is great, they love the bright colours , the illustrations and feel it is easy to read. 
I work with a lot of children who struggle to identify or talk about their emotions and this book will now be part of my resources. 

I love that the book is in a language that children can understand, that it explains emotions, why you get them and physical aspects of them emotions. I also like the fact that it includes ways to cope with emotions like Anger. 

It is great that it links to stuff they are doing at school too - Around bullying and mindfulness

I read this book 10th August '18

Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World (Hilo Book 2)
Author: Judd Winick
I loved the first one in this series and I loved this one too. The comic style is brilliant and the story is so much fun!

I read this book 10th August '18

Barry Loser and the birthday billions
Author: Jim Smith
I got this for my birthday and I love it! I can read Barry Loser books quick as they are so good! I like the way this book written and it is funny too!

Was read to me 10th August '18

Around the World in 50 Ways
Authors: Lonely Planet Kids , Dan Smith Illustrator: Frances Castle
PWe have loved reading this book, it feels like an adventure every time. The kids love the fact the can make choices whilst reading it and it is written so they can read alone or with me. You travel through the book and learn things about different places on the way.
The illustration through the book is brilliant and we would definitely recommend it.

Was read to me 25th January '18

Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
We love Roald Dahl and the BFG is one of his best books, we read it over and over again!