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Was read to me 1st December '18

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Author: Dr. Seuss
One of my all time favourite children's books. Dr Seuss has a whimsical way of writing tales that you will remember forever. The Grinch is well known by everyone on planet Earth from it's movie adaptations, but there is something about reading the book in his rhyming tone that makes it all the more special. We will continue reading up to Christmas.

I read this book 12th July '18

Around The World Fashion Sketchbook
Authors: Lonely Planet , Jenny Grinsted Illustrator: Eva Byrne
What a lovely book! Eloise absolutely adores it! She has been obsessed with looking at it since it arrived. She has now developed a love for fashion at 5 and wants to learn about different types of outfits!

I read this book 25th June '18

My Holiday Drawing Book
Authors: Lonely Planet , Gillian Johnson
Saving for her holiday but we have had a flick through the book without doing the tasks. It's sure to be a great boredom buster while waiting in lines at the airport, on the plane and in the taxi! It has something for everyone to join in with, some things that are more difficult and easier tasks for quicker times. Perfect!

Was read to me 6th February '18

Ten Fat Sausages
Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tor Freeman
This book is now THE FAVOURITE! The rhythmic and song like structure of the book kept her enchanted for ages!!!! She was surprised every time the sausages hopped out of the pan and tried to go on some other kind of adventure. The illustrations were wonderfully colourful and attention grabbing with their expressions and settings. A lovely read that will be read over and over and over.

Was read to me 18th January '18

Search and Find A Christmas Carol: A Charles Dickens Search & Find Book
Author: Charles Dickens Illustrator: Louise Pigott
The most beautiful book based on a Dickens classic. As a child I loved reading search and find books, and this is no exception. I have adored reading this with Eloise.