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I read this book 7th July '18

Times Tables Ages 5-7 Topic Practice Workbook: 2019 Tests
Author: Letts KS1
This is perfect to introduce my 6 year old to times tables over the summer holidays. Luckily he loves numbers so will enjoy this workbook. It is well set out with a new Times Table on each double page and problem questions (with pictures) to test knowledge of how to use times tables.   This will give him a head start going into year 2 when they start doing times tables. 

Was read to me 7th July '18

The Bolds
Author: Julian Clary Illustrator: David Roberts
I read this to my nearly 6 year old. It catches the imagination of a child immediately- a family of hyenas living in disguise amongst humans. They live in Teddington which is local to us and it is nice to read them visiting places we go to! Some of the words/jokes/language is a little tricky for my son but that was fine as I was reading it to him so I could explain. I would therefore recommend it for older children. It is very humorous and my daughter (10) also read it and found it hilarious. 

Was read to me 11th June '18

Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: David Roberts
My 5 year old loves me reading him this series of books. Although some of the storylines are for slightly older children these stories really hold his attention. What child doesn’t like hearing about the naughty/unfortunate events of a mischievous boy? Each book has 3 different sections with 4 chapters in each. This is about the perfect length for his bedtime story. 

Was read to me 27th September '15

The Day The Crayons Came Home
Author: Drew Daywalt Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
I read this with my three year old son. He did get the gist of the story (missing crayons write postcards to say how they got lost) and he liked some of the illustrations but some of the words were too long for him and I feel a lot of it went over his head. However, as an adult I found this story hilarious and loved the reading about outcomes of the different crayons eg one was stuck in sofa, one eaten by dog etc. It is a clever idea for a book but one that would appeal to older children (my 7 year old enjoyed it and particularly loved the picture of the crayon's cardboard home) rather than preschoolers. I also felt there were a couple of ideas I didn't feel comfortable reading to my 3 year old - eg using the brown crayon to draw the bear's poo and the dog "puking" the crayon.

Was read to me 16th August '15

Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog
Author: Nosy Crow Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
This is a very sweet story for a preschool child with lovely pictures by the brilliant Axel Scheffler. Posy goes for a sleepover at Pip's house but at bedtime she realises she had forgotten her favourite teddy. Can she find an alternative at Pip's house? Any young child will identify with the upset of not having the right teddy at bedtime and this held my 3 year old's attention throughout. Just the right length for a bedtime story and will leave your child hugging his/her teddy tightly! There is a series of Pip and Posy books and they all seem equally well written. Highly recommended.