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The Secret of the Night Train
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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
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22nd May '18
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Book pages The Secret of the Night Train
The Secret of the Night Train
I read it (an adult)
This is a great book. I love this author’s books (The Bookshop Girl is fantastic) and this is typical of her style. The characters are great - funny and unusual - and the story is a really good mixture of adventure, detective and friendship. I also really liked the way Max had to overcome homesickness - I could see it helping children when they feel strange away from home. There is depth to this adventure story and I would love to meet the wonderful Marguerite again in a sequel! 

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Book pages The Wonder
The Wonder
I read it to Librarylover aged 9 & to BookshopGirl6 aged 9
Gorgeous book with a wonderful messsge - that imagination is precious and to be enjoyed and valued. Wonderful pictures and messsge. 

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Book pages Goldfish Boy
Goldfish Boy
I read it (an adult)
Fiction can play a massive role in supporting readers through real life experiences and this book does exactly that.  OCD can be a debilitating condition and this book describes Matthew’s struggles so well.   The mystery element of the book is intriguing and weaves through Matthew’s problems really cleverly. I also loved the depth of character in his friends - this is a great book and I can’t imagine many 10 or 11 year olds not loving it.