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Wrote a Review 18th January '18

Book pages Brain Freeze: World Book Day 2018
Brain Freeze: World Book Day 2018
KCJo08 read it aged 9
I think this book is good for anybody who really likes eating excessive amounts of ice cream! It's nearly as witty as David Williams so, if you love him, you'll probably like Brain Freeze.

It's about a girl who loves eating ice cream so much she's devoted to having one every night. What helps is that her Grandad is an ice cream man! One night, when she goes into the garage into her Grandad's ice cream van, she discovers, after eating lots of ice cream, that the van has an extraordinary power...

Witty, humorous and a great read.  5 stars.

Wrote a Review 28th February '17

Book pages Middle School: Hollywood 101
Middle School: Hollywood 101
KCJo08 read it aged 8
I'm a huge Middle School fan and I was really looking forward to reading this book. At first I thought the picture on the front of the book looked strange and I wasn't sure if this book was going to be same or as good as the others. But when I started to read it, it turned out to be better than I expected and it was as good as the others, although the first is still my favourite. This seems to be a special and you don't need to have read the other Middle School books to know what's happening. This means you can just read this one by itself.
If you've read the other Middle School books you'll definitely like this one!

Wrote a Review 16th February '17

Book pages Blob
KCJo08 read it aged 8
Fans of David Walliams will not be disappointed with this book. It's just as funny as his other books and follows the same type of storyline. This one is about a young boy called Bob who lives with his grandad and has a family of people with funny faces. The bullies at his school call him Blob. It's easy to think what the characters look like as there are great pictures of them all through the book. It also has a very funny intro written by Raj.

I would definitely recommend this brilliant, funny book to all my friends and any David Walliams,or similar, fans.

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Wrote a Review 10th February '17

Book pages Butterfly Beach
Butterfly Beach
KCJo08 read it aged 8
Imagine if you decided to go on holiday with your best friends family and discovering you could have gone to Disneyland instead (with your realllllllllllly mean stepfather!)! That's exactly what happened to Selma. The book made me laugh out loud as it had some good/funny things in it.
It's a story of good friendship and a special bond. It shows you that taking an opportunity to do something less exciting but being with your friends turned out to be better.
I enjoyed the book and would read it again and again and again etc. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes modern books.