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Was read to me 21st March '17

Author: Zoe Greaves Illustrator: Leslie Sadleir
Lovely little book, a cross between a picture book and activity book its suitable for several ages. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is short but sweet.
The page at the back "What is a Hare" is really educational and has a good explanation of the difference between a hare and a rabbit.

Was read to me 7th March '17

Miffy at the Seaside
Author: Dick Bruna
Miffy makes a good short rhyming bedtime story for my son when he is tired. He particularly likes Miffy at the seaside as he loves collecting shells himself. It always makes him laugh to see Miffy in her "pants" for some reason so it always starts us laughing together.

Was read to me 7th March '17

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth
Author: Ellie Hattie Illustrator: Karl James Mountford
We loved The Curious Case of The Missing Mammoth, its packed full of excellent illustrations with lots to look at on every page. Its so good to find a flap book that isn't babyish as my 4 year old loves flaps but is growing out of most of them. There are so many facts and figures on this book it can be read over and over again without getting bored. The story is fun too!
All in all a great book and a big thumbs up from my son.

Was read to me 21st February '17

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth
Author: Eric Carle
Delightfully illustrated book full of brightly coloured jungle animals this is a real hit with my son. At the end of the book there is  two page glossary of the animals and there full names which is really educational and we love finding them all in the book.
I like the way this book starts as an easy picture book and then ends with a big statement page about the fact he (the sloth) is not a lazy creature at all. Lots of new words for my son to learn.

Was read to me 21st February '17

Oh, The Places You'll Go
Author: Dr. Seuss
This is one of our favourites, its too much for my son to read but I love to read it to him, its such a good rhyming story with plenty of meaning. If you work hard and persevere you can do anything and go anywhere you choose.
Typical Dr. Seuss style with some odd words added in just to make it rhyme!