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Wrote a Review 16th February '17

Book pages Blob
edie may read it aged 9
I really enjoyed. My favourite scenes were the ones in the zoo, because they always involved weird animals. I thought that the story could have been longer, and the storyline little a bit deeper, but apart from that, I thought this book was very good and would recommend it for 7+.

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Book pages Placeholder Book
The Shadow Keeper
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8, 9, 10 & 11
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29th Feb '16
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Wrote a Review 18th February '16

Book pages Violet and the Hidden Treasure
Violet and the Hidden Treasure
edie may read it aged 8
This book was amazing! It always had me on the go. Violet is like a junior Sherlock Holmes and when things start to look a bit unusual she's on the case! 
The beginning of the book gets you right into the story. It describes so well what Violet was doing and when she was doing it from the start. The mystery is easy to solve but how to rescue the victim was what the author focused on most. (I think). Also, if you want to be a detective there is a picture of the 'mind web' Violet used when she tried to figure out the mystery.
This book is suitable for most ages because it's a mystery book but it isn't sinister.  

Wrote a Review 30th January '16

Book pages Electrigirl
edie may read it aged 8
Electrigirl was such a page turner that I finished it in an evening! I liked the idea of the 'part book... part comic...' thing. The illustrations were just as good as the story! Holly is truly amazing as is her brother Joe and her best friend Imogen. Professor Macavity is one of the most evilest people out of all the evilest people. Read the book to find out why...
From the minute Holly got the bad news... I knew some thing was wrong with CyberSky. Anyone who reads this book and likes it will probably want the sequel (like me!).
I recommend it for 8-11's.