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Sarah Jane Wright

  • 5 stars across 4 books
    8th February 2018

    Lola Dutch: Is A Little Bit Much

    It's the beginning of a new day, and Lola Dutch is bursting with creative ideas! She cooks up a fantastic feast for brea... More

    (3 reviews)
    7th March 2019

    Lola Dutch: When I Grow Up

    Lola Dutch is always bursting with creative ideas - and she has so many exciting plans about what she'll be when she gro... More

    (1 review)
    9th January 2020

    Lola Dutch: I Love You So Much

    Lola Dutch loves her friends SO MUCH. So when Croc, Crane and Pig are each having a bad day, she comes up with a brillia... More

    (1 review)
    23rd January 2020

    I Heart You

    This tender, rhyming Classic Board Book is a lively celebration of love. Little ones adore being independent and ... More

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