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Ben Cort

  • 5 stars across 75 books
    Ben Cort Biography
    Ben Cort is the illustrator of the hugely successful Aliens Love Underpants and many other popular books, including The Shark in the Dark and Muddle Jungle. His book with former Beatle Ringo Starr has been published in 18 languages in 20 countries.
    Ben has worked with authors including Claire Freedman, Peter Bently, Andrew Weale and Amy Sparkles.
    Ben lives in Bedfordshire with his wife and young children.
    Ben Cort Facts
    He studied Art at Buckinghamshire College and gained a Higher Education Illustration diploma at Harrow College.
    Some of Ben’s favourite things are tin robots, 1960s US comics, photography, sunny Autumn days walking in the woods, being able to wear jeans and t-shirts everyday (he even wore them to his wedding!) and, of course, aliens!
    Ben does lots of fun events at festivals, schools and bookshops across the country.
    Our favourite Ben Cort Book Characters
    Aliens – from Aliens Love Underpants
    Pig – from Pigs Can’t Fly
    Octopus – from Octopus’s Garden
    Our favourite Ben Cort Book Quotes
    When aliens fly down to Earth, They don’t come to meet YOU… They simply want your underpants, I’ll bet you never knew! (Aliens Love Underpants)
    The aliens are excited, As tomorrow’s Christmas Day, So instead of stealing underpants, They’re giving them away! (Aliens Love Panta Claus)
    8th May 2007

    Aliens Love Underpants!

    "Aliens love underpants, in every shape and size, But there are no underpants in space, so here's a big surprise...."... More

    (168 reviews)
    2nd June 2008

    Dinosaurs Love Underpants

    The hilarious follow-up to the award-winning Aliens Love Underpants! The mystery of dinosaur extinction is s... More

    (31 reviews)
    19th May 2009

    Aliens in Underpants Save the World

    Aliens love underpants, It's lucky that they do, For pants helped save our universe, Sounds crazy, but it's ... More

    (27 reviews)
    9th October 2014

    Monsters Love Underpants

    There are prowly monsters howling loudly and drooling monsters from the steamy swamp. There are wild, woolly mountain mo... More

    (24 reviews)
    17th July 2014

    Pirates Love Underpants

    Now enjoy this hilarious title in the Underpants series full of pirates, sharks and treasure in a BOARD BOOK FORMAT. Y... More

    (20 reviews)
    29th September 2011


    Monty LOVES inventing But things don't always work - His walking toaster ran away And the robot went BERSERK! Bu... More

    (17 reviews)
    8th September 2016

    Watch Out for Muddy Puddles!

    Watch out for muddy puddles! Because you never really know ... what there might be lurking down in the depths below. ... More

    (17 reviews)
    23rd February 2017

    Everyone Loves Underpants: A World Book Day Book

    In this PANTSTASTIC story, join old friends to celebrate the wonder of underpants! 'Yes! EVERYONE loves underpa... More

    (16 reviews)
    1st June 2017

    Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Pirate. Ever.

    Can the worst pirate ever win the Pirate of the Year Award...? Set sail with the funniest pirate on the ... More

    (13 reviews)
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