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Stop That Dinosaur!


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I was in my Granny's kitchen eating extra-special cake,
when the walls began to tremble and the roof began to SHAKE.
KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Ring! Ring! Ring! Oh MY - a dino's at the door.
And now it's taken Granny ... SOMEONE STOP THAT DINOSAUR!

Chase down the GRAN-NAPPING brontosaurus in this rollicking, rhyming, ROAR-some romp. Can you catch the naughty dinosaur and get back to Granny's house before Mum comes home at six o'clock?
From Alex English and Ben Cort, the bestselling illustrator of Alien Loves Underpants, comes an irresistibly rib-tickling book that kids will want to read again and again ... and AGAIN!

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