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Don't Tickle the Hippo!


Don't Tickle the Hippo! Reviews | Toppsta

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Don't tickle the hippo! You might make it snort... Babies and toddlers just won't be able to resist tickling the touchy-feely patches to hear each animal make a sound in this hilarious novelty book. At the end, readers will find all the animals being noisy at once. An exciting new series for babies and toddlers, from the creators of That's not my...

Don't Tickle the Hippo! Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 1 in the Touchy-Feely Sound Books Series. See all Touchy-Feely Sound Books books here.

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Don't Tickle the Hippo! you might make it snort...

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  • Don't Tickle the Hippo! you might make it snort...
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About Ana Martin Larranaga

Ana Martin Larranaga was born in San Sebastian and grew up in the countryside of Castilla, together with four siblings and lots of cousins. As a child her favorite pastime was to climb almond trees because it is fun and afterwards you can eat the almonds. She studied Fine Arts in Salamanca but only decided to become an illustrator after a Summer School with

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