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Count along with the Ten Little Monsters in this action-packed, counting rhyme adventure! In a sturdy board book, perfect for little hands to hold. Ten Little Monsters are going trick-or-treating ... But what will the Ten Little Monsters do when they meet a wailing ghost? Two creepy witches? And a GIANT SPIDER? Part traditional counting rhyme, part fun-filled story, Ten Little Monsters is perfect for sharing together.
Read the bouncy rhyming story.
Count from ten to one and back again, as the Little Monsters disappear then reappear.
Spot and count the details on each page.
And join in with all the great sound-words! The Ten Little series has sold over a million copies worldwide, and Ten Little Bookworms is a 2019 World Book Day pick.

Ten Little Monsters Board Book Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 3 in the Ten Little Series. See all Ten Little books here.

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8th October '18
I read it to Olivia2016 aged 2 aged 2 & to Amelia2018 aged 3 months aged 0
Ten Little Monsters Board Book 9781408346488
5 stars
This series of books is wonderful. Not only are the illustrations fabulous catching any child’s imagination, but the book teaches counting in a fun creative way too, which is very refreshing. Ten little pirates is more about learning to count than getting to know the characters (they don’t even have names!), but somehow the adventure within the story is far more important than naming the characters within it. This was a very simple story aimed at a young audience. Easy and fun to read. The pages of the board book were great for small hands to turn over and the brief but very descriptive writing told a fantastic story in such few words that my 2 year old daughter is able to read most of it aloud herself once we have read it several times together of course! My 3 month old daughter enjoys grabbing the pages and looking at the pictures which fill them, so the text is actually written to fit the illustrations rather than vice versa.  A fun book to read together as a family with young children, especially for Halloween as it isn’t at all scary for little ones!
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