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Utterly Amazing Human Body


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Learn how the body works in this jaw-dropping pop-up book for kids that is packed with amazing facts about the human body.
Join Professor Robert Winston to uncover the secrets of our bodies in Utterly Amazing Human Body , a beautiful lift-the-flap book that explains all you need to know about the body with amazing paper tricks. Discover how your skeleton stops you from falling down in a heap and how your brain is more powerful than any computer.
With pop-ups, activities to try at home and bitesized mind-blowing facts, Utterly Amazing Human Body is perfect for any child aged 5-9 who wants to learn all about the human body.

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This is Book 2 in the Utterly Amazing Series. See all Utterly Amazing books here.

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About Robert Winston

A household name thanks to popular TV series that include The Human Body, which won three British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), Superhuman, Walking with Cavemen, and The Human Mind, Lord Winston's pioneering work in the field of human fertility helped thousands of childless couples have "miracle babies" and earned him an outstanding international reputation.

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