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This award-winning children's science book is packed with pop-ups, amazing facts, and fun science projects for kids to try at home.

The 2015 winner of the Royal Society's prestigious Young People's Book Prize, Utterly Amazing Science explains the mysteries of science with pull-outs, flaps, sliders, and other interactive wizardry.

Pull the tab to launch a rocket, lift the flap to see inside a molecule, and turn a wheel to see how an engine works. Learn about atoms, forces, energy, light, heat, and other core curriculum science topics.

This book is perfect for kids aged 8 upwards but guaranteed to entertain and educate readers of any age.

Utterly Amazing Science Reviews | Toppsta


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1st January '15
Read to a child aged 9
Utterly Amazing Science 9781409347934
5 stars
This book is great for school children as it follows the primary school curriculum, it brings to life all the things they will learn at school. The pop up are great, and all the details and facts in this book make it really good for children to learn lots of things. My son may be a bit old for it now as he's in his last year at primary now, but we will pass it down to his sister who will be starting in September. It's definitely a very useful and educational book.
10th January '15
Read to a child aged 7
Utterly Amazing Science 9781409347934
5 stars
I love science and how things worked. On the first night mummy helped Mr read about molecules and energy, it's great to imagine the world in different concepts.. I love the flaps and pop ups in this book and although there are some hard words it is very interesting. I think this book would be popular in my class or maybe older children. I think it's fantastic!!
13th April '15
BBear07 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Utterly Amazing Science 9781409347934
5 stars
This book is amazing! I love science and there's loads of cool facts to learn in a really fun way.    There's lift the flaps, pop up pages, and even an example of how an engine works!    I've loved this book so much and read it over and over again, I learn something new each time I open it!    There's some great experiments you can try at home too! I've made loads of notes from the book and made a poster of facts to show my teacher! And the book has been my bedtime sneaky read after lights out ;-)    Totally recommend this book to any science fans it's brilliant - my 5 year old brother also loved it.     Thanks Toppsta
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