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Pirate School: A Very Fishy Battle


Pirate School: A Very Fishy Battle Reviews | Toppsta

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Patagonia Clatterbottom is very cross. Other pirates have ambushed the Pirate School's food. So, she's going to teach the children - Smudge, Flo, Ziggy and Corkella - how to make a proper pirate attack and get their food back.

But things go wrong, and all the teachers are captured! Luckily the children have a plan - and some friendly dolphins are helping as well.
Jeremy Strong knows just what children like and just what makes them laugh. Be prepared for giggles!
Jeremy Strong's Pirate School: The Bun Gun was featured in the brand-new series of Jackanory.

Pirate School: A Very Fishy Battle Reviews | Toppsta


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Age 8

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Jeremy Strong has been publishing books since the 1978 and still has many more stories to tell. To date he has published over one hundred books and shows no sign of stopping yet! Imagine how full his bookshelves must be!

Most of his books are illustrated by Nick Sharratt, who also ill

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Ian Cunliffe worked at Shepperton Studios, creating special effects, and spent five years as a designer and illustrator at Penguin Books before becoming a full-time illustrator. Today, Ian works from home where he watches green parakeets fly past his studio window! He has created artwork for well-known children's books, including 'A Very Fishy Battle' by Jer

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