Get That Monster Out Of Here!
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Get That Monster Out Of Here!


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You'd better not open the flaps, because the monsters might get out! There's a hilarious beastie waiting to jump out from behind each flap in this irresistible novelty book. With amusing text and brilliant monster artwork by star illustrator Fred Blunt, the fun and chaos increases each time you turn a page, culminating in a spectacular giant pop-up at the end.

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This is Book 3 in the Peculiar Pop-Ups Series. See all Peculiar Pop-Ups books here.

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About Fred Blunt

Fred never wanted to be an astronaut or drive a train when he grew  up. Right from the beginning he knew he wanted to draw silly pictures  for a living... and some decades later he's living the dream!
Since  graduating from UWE Bristol in 1996, Fred now  works mostly in children's books, illustrating several titles for Puffin and  Usborne publishing, amongs

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