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Prehistoric beasts merge with nightmare visions of the future in this thrilling conclusion to the Z. Rex trilogy.

Reunited with the savage unpredictable T.Rex, Zed, fourteen-year-old Adam must team up with some unlikely allies to battle against villainous scientists and their killer creations. If they do not win, the ultimate apocalypse will be unleashed upon humanity . . .

Z. Apocalypse Reviews | Toppsta


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31st August '17
Yoloman read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
Z. Apocalypse 9781862307797
5 stars
Book 3 of the trilogy ends the story well. The book is full of action and I found it hard to stop reading as I wanted to know what was happening next.

Z was my favourite character, really strong and powerful.
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Steve Cole is a best-selling children's author whose sales exceed three million copies. His hugely successful Astrosaurs young fiction series has been a UK top-ten children's bestseller and been published widely internationally. His several original Doctor Who novels have also been bestsellers. An original comedy, fantasy and adventure writer, Steve's work...

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