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Books to Get Kids Outside

22nd May 2017


Is that sunshine I see? If, like us, you're looking forward to some sunny weather this week, here's a selection of books we ran in our 'Getting Kids Outside' Feature with reviews from children and parents!

Books to Get Kids Outside
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The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things to Do

Say goodbye to boredom with this fantastic outdoor boredom buster book!  Suitable for all seasons, find out how to set bug traps, create a rainbow, construct an amazing summer slide and much, much more! 

"This is a really amazing book we've bought books like this before but nothing comes close to this book it crammed full of great things to make and do like making water slides and kites and having quizzes and making stuff out of things you would throw away. Ace book " (Read to Eric aged 6 , to Ame aged 8 & to Nutmeg aged 4)

"What an amazing book! It is crammed full of ideas and exciting activities for children to try in the great outdoors.  This book will certainly going to be used ALOT this summer! And for years to come - there are so many fun activities to try.  It also has a chapter at the end dedicated to winter fun, making it an all year round book." (Read to Bobbin aged 9 & to Piglet aged 5)

"Wow! This books is packed with fun things to do in the outdoors! The whole family enjoyed reading through it and we can't wait to test out some of the beach ideas next month when we go on holiday! Lots of helpful boredom tips for kids of any age. A great, useful book." (Read to RUBYB aged 5)

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Go Wild be an Adventurer

Be an Adventurer will show you how to safely cross a river without a boat, escape from quicksand, shelter without a tent, and loads more projects for budding adventurers

"My daughter absolutely loved this book. We have already been out exploring The local woods. Loads of interesting facts in there". (Darcie read it aged 7)

"Both my kids (aged 6&9) love the ideas and activities in this book, great for holiday/weekend outdoors". (Read to BeeReaderK aged 9 & to BeeReaderJ aged 6)

"A super book for any budding young adventurer. There are bright, clear pictures with great instructions on such things as how to tie knots to how to build a dam. There are also some good pieces of safety advice for the children too. My boys are very excited and looking forward to this weekends adventure!". (Read to Josh aged 9 , to Sam aged 7 & to Matthew aged 4)

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Woodland and Forest

A fantastic first book on forests, Nature Explorers Woodland and Forest is the perfect companion for children eager to explore the woodlands of the world.

"This book is amazing. It is packed full of information and has some amazing drawings and pictures. DK books never disappoint especially when it comes to their non-fiction books. They are always jam packed with useful details. There are lots of different sections covering lots of different topics from deciduous forests, coniferous forests and their plants and animals to the wonders of rain forest plants and animals." (Noah read it aged 6)

"This book is filled to the brim with interesting facts that we enjoyed reading together. There are activities throughout the book that are simple enough for children to do themselves. The cover isn't very appealing to the eye although throughout the book there are many beautiful pictures". (Read to Aaronthecooldude aged 7)

"An excellent non fiction hardback book from Dorling Kindersley. Just really what you would expect from them. It is very informative in relation to woodlands and forests, both in terms of what you would expect to find in UK and further afield. It gives an overall look at what a forest/woodland is, to how we might preserve them for future generations. It explains about the different types of forests (deciduous, evergreeen) and the changing seasons, as well as looking at the type of wildlife you can hope to see there". (Read to rsa aged 7)

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The Secret of Black Rock

This surreal modern folk-tale tells the story of an adventurous young girl who must protect a peaceful living creature.

"The Secret of Black Rock is a heartwarming book about Erin, a strong-minded, caring little girl who is determined to go to sea to find out if the gossip & scary legends about the rock are true". (Read to Lucia B. aged 7 & to Elijah B. aged 4)

"This is a beautiful book- the illustrations are very detailed. My daughter enjoyed spotting all the different sea species. We enjoyed the story which has a little girl as the main character who is determined to find the truth and then share it with everyone else. A great book to return to as we spot something different each time we read it." (Read to RC13 aged 4)

"Absolutely stunning book with gorgeous illustrations, just as you expect from Flying Eye books. Erin desperately wants to go out to see with her mum and dog (love that this story turns gender stereotypes on their heads) but she isn't allowed because of the legend of Black Rock". (Read to fifebookboy aged 5

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