Best books about the human body


Nerves, bones, blood, eyes, limbs, arteries...THE BODY! What a wonderful, exciting and, sometimes, even strange place!

Children love learning about the organs of the human body, anatomy and how our many body parts work together. They love finding out why we've got hairs in our noses, if we can eat our bogeys and how many times our heart beats in a day! With these carefully selected books, they can find all the answers they are looking for! (And yes, eating bogeys is okay.)

We've got all ages covered, from small babies with Anatomy for Babies and beginner readers with Usborne's See Inside Your Body, all the way up to older readers' content with Knowledge Encyclopedia: Human Body!

Learn everything there is to know about the human body and more! And if you want to branch out and explore more science topics, you should definitely look into our book recommendations for this year's British Science Week too. So many fun titles to explore and... dissect!

Best books about the human body
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Anatomy for Babies

Welcome, class! Brainy babies will love learning all about their bodies and what makes them tick. This engaging, tongue-in-cheek board book also features a surprise lift-the-flap ending!

A chunky board book that helps your baby understand their body as they grow!

Anatomy f or Babies is a baby book with information about the senses, organs and other body parts. Your child will learn how to point to their brain, heart and lungs as they follow along with the colourful illustrations.

The flip-flap mechanism and baby characters will appeal to young children, making this book a wonderful way of captivating your little one's attention while teaching them about their body.

Learn, discover and grow!

An essential book for babies learning all about their bodies, this engaging board book will help your child as they become aware of how they smell, how they see and how they feel. With a surprise lift-the-flap ending, Anatomy For Babies makes learning interactive and fun.

Your child will discover the importance of their bones, their brain and features on their face, why lungs are important and how they work, all the senses (and why their feet are ticklish!)

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Kay's Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body

Do you ever think about your body and how it all works? Like really properly think about it? The human body is extraordinary and fascinating and, well . . . pretty weird. Yours is weird, mine is weird, your maths teacher's is even weirder.

This book is going to tell you what's actually going on in there, and answer the really important questions, like:

Are bogeys safe to eat? Look, if your nose is going to all that effort of creating a snack, the least we can do is check out its nutritional value. (Yes, they're safe. Chew away!)

And how much of your life will you spend on the toilet? About a year - so bring a good book. (I recommend this one.)

So sit back, relax, put on some rubber gloves, and let a doctor take you on a poo (and puke) filled tour of your insides. Welcome to Kay's Anatomy*.

*a fancy word for your body. See, you're learning already.

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Operation Ouch!: The HuManual

Take a tour of one of the most complex, diverse and downright unusual places on the entire planet - the human body! Find out all about what makes YOU tick, from the wonders of the human brain to the tingling in your ticklish toes. From crazy bodily functions to bizarre real-life medical cases, this is the ultimate guide to getting to know yourself, inside and out!

Operation Ouch! is a BAFTA-winning CBBC series, from the makers of Embarrassing Bodies and 10 Years Younger . It's presented by real-life doctors (and twin brothers) Chris and Xand van Tulleken.

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See Inside Your Body

Fabulous flap book that reveals the inner workings of the human body. Bright, original colour illustrations and diagrams display all the major organs of the human body and are accompanied by witty, clear and informative text. Contains over fifty embedded flaps that children can lift to reveal extra detail.

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Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body!

Explore the human body like you've never known before with this ultimate kid's guide to what goes on under our skin.

Forming part of a fantastic series of kid's educational books, this bold and brilliant kid's encyclopedia uses ground-breaking CGI imagery to reveal the human body as you've never seen it before. Informative, diverse in subject matter, easy-to-read and brimming with beautiful graphics, young learners can explore the incredibly detailed cross-sections and cutaways that reveal the inner workings of these fascinating and complex machines we know as our bodies!

This charming children's encyclopedia opens the world in new ways, with:

-Packed with facts, charts, infographics and illustrations that cover the human body head to toe.
-Encompassing a visual approach with illustrations, photographs and extremely detailed 3D CGI images.
-Crystal clear text distills the key information.
-DK's encyclopedias are fact-checked by subject experts to offer accuracy beyond online sources of information.

This fully-updated edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body! is the perfect encyclopedia for children aged 9-12, ideal for inquisitive minds, with a unique head-to-toe approach which makes the complex structure of the human body both appealing and accessible for curious young readers. Jam-packed with fun facts about the human body, including creative CGI artworks that can be rotated and animated to bring the aspects of this body book to life! Curious children can take a look at the life of a cell, discover the digestive system, and learn all about record-breaking bodies!

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Life on Earth: Human Body: With 100 Questions and 70 Lift-flaps!

Life on Earth: Human Body is the perfect introduction to anatomy and biology for 5+ year-olds .

Lift the flaps to find the answers to common questions, such as, 'What do I need to stay healthy?', 'How often does my heart beat?' and 'Why do I have hairs up my nose?' With 100 questions and 70 flaps to lift , Life on Earth: Human Body provides the perfect way to keep engaged while learning .

Topics covered include the senses, the skeleton, nerves and muscles, how illness works and keeping fit, among many more. Scientific details are turned into simple, bitesize facts that the reader lifts the flaps to discover.

Heather Alexander's colourful illustrations make each fact memorable, and the sturdy, boardbook format means that even the most hands-on learners will have fun playing with the book day after day.

Perfect to read out loud to your toddler, or to let them explore on their own, Life on Earth: Human Body offers a fun, interactive way into science for little readers.

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Illumanatomy: See inside the human body with your magic viewing lens

An anatomy lesson like no other! Look inside the human body with the magic three-color lens and x-ray from head to toe to discover how your body works.

Use the red lens to reveal the skeleton , the green to see the muscles working and x-ray your organs with the blue lens to find out what they do day and night to keep you alive. Uncover the secrets of the human body and explore how its different systems work in this stunning follow-up to the internationally bestselling Illuminature . Jam-packed with detailed illustrations and full of facts and information, this innovative encyclopedia from from Milan-based design duo Carnovsky will make you see the human body in a whole new light.

With every illustration containing three separate layers to pore over , this book will reward rereading again and again, providing hours of independent entertainment and education for young readers.

See 3 images in 1 with the eye-boggling Illumi series, featuring magic-lens artwork from creative design duo Carnovsky. Dinosaurs, animals, the human body and even ghosts are envisioned like never before in this groundbreaking series. The explosions of colour on each page are in fact three distinct layers of illustrations, each exploring a different aspect of a fascinating subject. Use the three-colour lens to reveal the hidden details on each one, then read all about the topic on in-depth fact pages. There's always something new to discover in Illumi !

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So You Want to Build a Human?: The ultimate human body manual

Open your 'human body construction guide' to reveal the answers to all your puzzling human biology questions! Find out what each body system does and how they fit together to create a living, breathing person.

Styled as a construction guide, readers will explore the ten major body systems from the inside out - from your bones to your nerves! Each spread contains body part checklists and 'Don't forget' notes for key information, while a mini human body on each spread depicting the relevent body system works as a useful navigation tool when flicking through the book. The human engineer slant imparts STEM concepts for budding biologists and doctors. Prepare to get under the skin of the human body machine and find out what makes it tick.


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