Best Adventure Book Series for 5 and 6 year olds

As our children begin moving away from picture books, it's crucial for their future as readers that we keep them engaged, excited and entertained as they take their first timid steps towards independent reading

For this particular phase, where weaning them off of the special effects of novelty books and the fun wordplay of picture books may be a challenge, the best recommendation we could give is to take them on an adventure. Yes, adventure books are where all the fun is to be had for readers aged 5 and 6

As always, we believe the best way to keep children engaged with reading is through series. The familiarity of beloved characters mixed with the mystery and excitement of new adventures is a great reading combo and will keep their steam running on a high! Here are our favourite series if your little one is ready to experience the thrill of incredible journies, epic worlds, heists and chases!

Best Adventure Book Series for 5 and 6 year olds
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Mr Penguin Series

The creator of the Claude booksAlex T. Smith, has brought us Mr Penguin with this brilliant two-colour early chapter book detective series featuring a curious penguin and his right-hand, Colin, a small detective spider. The two characters go on exciting adventures together to find treasures, missing pets, and more...

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Little Gems Series

The Little Gems series is a collection of full-colour short chapter books written and illustrated by some of the best talent in the UK, specifically designed to not overwhelm beginner readers and to help them build vocabulary, reading speed and stamina. The books are carefully spaced for readers who might struggle with words on the page, too.

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The Story Shop Series

This award-winning series is perfect for KS1 readers, with each book featuring three linked short stories and black-and-white illustrations throughout. Each book celebrates the power of imagination, and follows The Story Shop, a magical place where characters can shop for their stories. Its shopkeepers, Wilbur and Fred, are keen to help!

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The Questioneers Series

Rosie Revere, Engineer is such a loved picture book, the author and illustrator have created an early readers series, making this a great transitional series from picture books to independent reading. In each book of the series, the brilliant Questioneers find the answers to all sorts of science questions, come up with brilliant inventions, solve strange mysteries and even take political action. 

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Tiny, the Secret Adventurer Series

Friendship, courage and discovery take the lead with this lovely series about a small creature called Tiny, who grows up in a school garden and craves the acceptance of her animal neighbours. The black-and-white illustrations throughout also make it accessible to readers aged 6+ taking their first timid steps towards independent reading. 

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Too Small Tola Series

This classic-in-the-making is a sweet collection of three short stories per book in which main character Tola helps those around her in need, proving that her size matters little in comparison to the greatness of her heart.

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Lizzie and Lucky Series

A sweet girl and dog detective duo make up the Lizzie and Lucky early chapter book series brimming with black-and-white illustrations throughout. Lizzie is a young deaf girl and, together with her puppy, Lucky, she solves all kinds of strange mysteries surrounding her hometown.

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Space Detectives Series

In the world of Space Detectives, Starville is the world's first orbiting city, where there always seems to be a strange new mystery to solve. Two best friends Connor and Ethan are always up for that job. In the books they manage to save their space station from colliding with the moon, find missing space pets and so many other intergalactic mysteries.

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Bear Grylls Adventures by Bear Grylls and Emma McCann (Bear Grylls Publishing)

Leonora Bolt by Lucy Brandt and Gladys Jose (Puffin)

The Adventure Club by Jess Butterworth and Kirsti Beautyman (Orion Children's Books)

Big Sky Mountain by Alex Millway (Piccadilly Press)

Al’s Awesome Science by Jane Clarke and James Brown (Five Quills)

Lottie Loves Nature by Jane Clarke and James Brown (Five Quills)

Flying Fergus by Chris Hoy and Clare Elsom (Piccadilly Press)

The Tindims by Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry (Zephyr)

Stories from India by Chitra Soundar and Uma Krishnaswamy (Walker Books Ltd)

Best Adventure Book Series for 5 and 6 year olds

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