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Wendy Meddour

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 Rebecca Ashdown studied at Norwich School of Art, Westminister University and Central St Martins, and then worked as a graphic and motion designer, film-maker and freelance vector artist. She is now concentrating on illustration and uses drawing, printmaking and digital techniques to create her pictures. How the Library (not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel is Rebecca's first published book. She lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire.




   WENDY MEDDOUR   is the author and illustrator of  A Hen in the Wardrobe   and T  he Black Cat Detectives in the Cinnamon Grove   series for Frances Lincoln. The series has been critically acclaimed, and   A Hen in the Wardrobe   won the John C Laurence Award for writing that improves relations between races. It was also shortlisted for the BranfordBoase Award for an outstanding first novel.
 Wendy was brought up in Aberystwyth and spent many years teaching English at Oxford University. She is also the author of the bestselling Wendy Quill books and writes and paints from her home in Wiltshire.

16th October 2014

Dottie Blanket and the Hilltop

It's not easy when you come from Somewhere Else. Especially when you smell of trains and fish. When Mr Blanket lost his ... MoreDottie Blanket and the Hilltop

(10 reviews) Review
6th February 2020

Lubna and Pebble

In an unforgettable story that subtly addresses the refugee crisis, a young girl must decide if friendship means giving ... MoreLubna and Pebble

(10 reviews) Review
5th September 2019

Tibble and Grandpa

A touching intergenerational story of love and resilience. Tibble loves talking to Grandpa. But Grandpa has stopped list... MoreTibble and Grandpa

(6 reviews) Review
2nd October 2014

How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel

With the wind in his hair, and blowing his hooter, Along came the prince on the back of a scooter. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, ... MoreHow the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel

(4 reviews) Review
22nd June 2016

The Glump and the Peeble

The Glump lives alone in his cave in the wood, wishing he could come out and dance with the Peebles. But nearby there'... MoreThe Glump and the Peeble

(2 reviews) Review
4th April 2019

Stefano the Squid: Hero of the Deep

It's lights, camera, ACTION under the sea, but Stefano the Squid is having a wobble. All the other creatures seem far ... MoreStefano the Squid: Hero of the Deep

(2 reviews) Review
1st April 2021

Tisha and the Blossom

We all have busy lives and little Tisha and her family are no exception. With life always moving at such a pace, Tisha m... MoreTisha and the Blossom

(2 reviews) Review
1st April 2021

Howard the Average Gecko

Howard thinks he's the most exceptional creature in the rainforest-that's because no other creature is as exceptionally ... MoreHoward the Average Gecko

(2 reviews) Review
7th July 2022

Peggy the Always Sorry Pigeon

Peggy is an apologetic pigeon. She always assumes she's in the wrong. Even when she's the one getting bullied. But Joan,... MorePeggy the Always Sorry Pigeon

(2 reviews) Review
2nd February 2012

A Hen in the Wardrobe

Ramzi's dad is acting very strangely. He climbs trees in the middle of the night, and even goes into Ramzi's wardrobe lo... MoreA Hen in the Wardrobe

(1 review) Review
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