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Shannon Hale

  • 5 stars across 33 books
    Since the publication of her first book The Goose Girl in 2003, Shannon Hale has become a beloved author to young readers as well as booksellers. Her third novel, Princess Academy, was awarded a Newbery Honor and was a New York Times bestseller. Shannon has also written for adults, including Austenland, recently released as a major feature film. She lives near Salt Lake City in Utah, with her husband, the author Dean Hale, and their four children.
    6th July 2017

    The Princess in Black

    Who says princesses can't wear black? When trouble raises its blue monster head, Princess Magnolia ditches her flouncy d... More

    (12 reviews)
    5th July 2018

    The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday

    It's holiday time for the Princess in the bestselling, laugh-a-minute, action-packed adventure for young readers who lik... More

    (11 reviews)
    1st June 2014

    Ever After High: The Unfairest of Them All: Book 2

    It's the aftermath of Legacy Day, the day when the students at Ever After High are supposed to pledge to follow in the... More

    (3 reviews)
    2nd February 2015


    Appearances can be deceptive in this quirky, funny picture book from award-winning author-illustrator, Tim Warnes ( M... More

    (2 reviews)
    7th November 2013

    Rapunzel's Revenge

    (1 review)
    5th July 2018

    The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

    The third adventure in the bestselling, hilarious and action-packed series for young readers who like their princesses n... More

    (1 review)
    2nd March 2009

    The Book of a Thousand Days

    When a beautiful princess refuses to marry the prince her father has chosen, her father is furious and locks her in a to... More

    (0 reviews)
    3rd July 2014

    Fire and Ice

    The fourth in the fantasy series about children and their spirit animals fighting to save their kingdom Fou... More

    (0 reviews)
    6th June 2013

    Princess Academy

    This New York Times bestseller and Newbery-Honor-winning fantasy novel is a compelling, warm and witty story of would-be... More

    (0 reviews)
    18th June 2015

    Princess Academy: New Edition

    Miri is amazed to find that the royal court is coming to her mountainside village in search of a match for the Prince! I... More

    (0 reviews)
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