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Philip Reeve

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    Philip Reeve's first novel Mortal Engines was published to an incredible critical acclaim which his subsequent books have emulated. He is the author of the Larklight trilogy for Bloomsbury. Philip lives in Devon.      David Wyatt, has illustrated many beautiful covers for authors including Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman. He lives in Devon, and is a keen lutist, cyclist, and wanderer of the moors.


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    29th August 2016

    Jinks & O'Hare Funfair Repair

    The highly-anticipated fourth scintillating adventure from the amazingly talented team of Reeve and McIntyre. Emily love... More

    (21 reviews)
    1st September 2016

    Pugs of the Frozen North

    Reeve and McIntyre bring you another rip-roaring read! The Race to the Top of the World! It comes around once in a lifet... More

    (16 reviews)
    5th September 2013

    Oliver and the Seawigs

    Oliver grew up in a family of explorers - but his biggest adventure is about to begin! Along with his new friends, a gr... More

    (14 reviews)
    5th July 2018

    Mortal Engines

    The first book in the award-winning Mortal Engines quartet. In a dangerous future, huge motorized... More

    (14 reviews)
    7th September 2017


    A fantastically fun doodle and activity book, full of drawing and writing adventures inspired by the wacky world of Reev... More

    (13 reviews)
    4th September 2014

    Cakes in Space

    Astra's family are all snoring in their sleeping pods aboard their spaceship, but Astra is WIDE AWAKE. With her robot fr... More

    (12 reviews)
    1st September 2011


    Derek Landy, Philip Reeve, Joseph Delaney, Susan Cooper, Eleanor Updale, Jamila Gavin, Mal Peet, Matt Haig, Berlie Doher... More

    (9 reviews)
    5th September 2019

    Kevin's Great Escape: A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure

    Kevin is a roly-poly flying pony. He has everything he needs - a constant supply of biscuits and his best friend, Max. ... More

    (8 reviews)
    3rd September 2020

    Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit

    Welcome to another brilliantly quirky adventure story from creative powerhouse Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. Bumble... More

    (6 reviews)
    2nd September 2021

    Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

    It was always at sundown they were seen. In that twilight hour, when the walls between the worlds grew thin, strange thi... More

    (5 reviews)
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