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Mike Goldsmith

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Dr Mike Goldsmith studied the philosophy of time and space at Keele University, where he also obtained his PhD in astrophysics. He was formerly the head of Acoustics at the UK's National Physical Laboratory and is now an author of non-fiction books for children.

John Butler has been illustrating children's books for over 30 years. He is particularly recognized for his animal illustrations, for which he has won a number of awards in the UK and the USA. www.johnbutlerart.com

24th August 2017

This Book Thinks You're a Maths Genius: Imagine · Experiment · Create

This Book Thinks You’re a Maths Genius explores seven key areas of maths: geometry, space and volume, statistics, number... MoreThis Book Thinks You're a Maths Genius: Imagine · Experiment · Create

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8th May 2014

In One End and Out The Other

From author Dr Mike Goldsmith (the World of Discovery series) and illustrator Richard Watson comes 'In One End and Out... MoreIn One End and Out The Other

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27th February 2014

I Explore! Under the Sea

A collectible board book series with a non-fiction twist: toddlers can enjoy mini adventures and explore planet Earth. ... MoreI Explore! Under the Sea

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17th September 2004

Fantastic Future

In 30 years' time will you be holidaying on the moon? In 100 years' time could you genetically engineer your own pet? ... MoreFantastic Future

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3rd March 2008

Basher Science: Physics

The science of physics is full of wacky characters and crazy concepts, but it often seems daunting and unapproachable. P... MoreBasher Science: Physics

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27th August 2015

Mind Webs: Light and Sound

Mind webs, also known as spidergrams or mind maps, are great for learning about the science of light and sound. In this ... MoreMind Webs: Light and Sound

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1st October 2008


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5th January 2012

Flip the Flaps: Planet Earth

Zoom up through the protective layers of the atmosphere from the surface to outer space, following the Earth as it makes... MoreFlip the Flaps: Planet Earth

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13th February 2014

Flip the Flaps: Weather

Flip the Flaps is a fun way for young children to discover the answers to questions about their favourite subjects, wh... MoreFlip the Flaps: Weather

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19th January 2012

O Dan Y Mor

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  • Fantastic Future

    Fantastic Future

    I liked this book. It’s all about what the author predicts life will be like in the future. My favourite bit was when the author tells us what he thin...

  • Basher Science: Physics

    Basher Science: Physics

    by Toppa

    I would read this book again. I like the detailed facts about each topic. I like the funny little pictures that match the topics. This would be a grea...

  • In One End and Out The Other

    In One End and Out The Other

    Both my girls have enjoyed this book, even though it's far to old for my 2 year old to understand it fully. She likes lifting the flaps and pointingou...