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Kiran Millwood Hargrave

  • 5 stars across 7 books
    Kiran Millwood Hargrave is an award-winning poet, playwright, and bestselling novelist. Her debut novel for children The Girl of Ink & Stars won the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, and the British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year. Her work has been short- and long-listed for other major prizes including the Costa Award, and the CILIP Carnegie Award. The Deathless Girls is her first novel for Young Adults. She's a graduate of both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and lives by the river in Oxford with her husband and cat.

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    5th May 2016

    The Girl of Ink & Stars

    The magical bestseller: a perfect gift Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize Winner of the British ... More

    (23 reviews)
    4th May 2017

    The Island at the End of Everything

    From the author of the bestselling THE GIRL OF INK & STARS comes a moving, enthralling and heartbreaking tale of f... More

    (13 reviews)
    2nd April 2020

    The Deathless Girls

    Gothic, intoxicating, feminist, darkly provoking and deeply romantic - this is the breathtakingly imagined untold s... More

    (4 reviews)
    1st February 2018

    Make More Noise!: New stories in honour of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage

    "You have to make more noise than anybody else" - Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British Suffragette movement An i... More

    (3 reviews)
    4th October 2018

    The Way Past Winter

    From the bestselling author of THE GIRL OF INK & STARS comes a gorgeous wintry folk tale for young and old alike -... More

    (3 reviews)
    1st October 2020

    A Secret of Birds & Bone

    A spellbinding new novel from the Sunday Times-bestselling author of The Girl of Ink & Stars, winner of the Waters... More

    (2 reviews)
    10th October 2019

    Rollercoaster: KS3, 11-14. The Island at the End of Everything

    Twelve-year-old Ami lives on Culion Island in the Philippines, the world's largest leper colony, with her mother who is ... More

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    • A Secret of Birds & Bone

      A Secret of Birds & Bone

      A beautiful story that brings you on an adventure with Sofia and Ermin( I didn't forget Corvith their pet crow) on a search for their mother who has b...

    • The Girl of Ink & Stars

      The Girl of Ink & Stars

      The Girl of Ink and Stars is one of my favourite books. It’s about a girl whose dad is a cartographer and she goes on an adventure to save her friend....

    • The Island at the End of Everything

      The Island at the End of Everything

      by Hutch2

      What a wonderful story! It is set in 1906 on an island in the Philippines , where the healthy children of lepers are taken away to an orphanage on a d...

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