Jenni Spangler

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Jenni Spangler's first love was the theatre. Frustrated with the lack of juicy parts for teens, she began writing her own and never looked back. She likes to explore different genres in her writing, from funny and spooky middle grade stories, to contemporary and realistic YA fiction.

Jenni has written four titles for Badger Learning: Wanted from their bone-chilling series Papercuts II, Stop and Torn from their Two Sides series, and The Cell from their Between the Lines II series.


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30th April 2020

The Vanishing Trick

'A thrilling, original, evocative and eerie tale - I adored it!’ Michelle Harrison, author of A Pinch of Magic 'A thrill... MoreThe Vanishing Trick

(25 reviews) Review
24th June 2021

The Incredible Talking Machine

Pull back the curtain and enter a world where mystery and magic take centre stage in a gloriously gothic adventure from ... MoreThe Incredible Talking Machine

(13 reviews) Review
19th January 2023

Valentine Crow & Mr Death

It’s not always easy being Death: a witty and gloriously gothic tale of friendship and discovery from bestselling Jenni ... MoreValentine Crow & Mr Death

(13 reviews) Review
29th June 2018


Ryan has always wanted to be a police officer. When he's picked to go on a real undercover operation, it's his chance to... MoreStop

(1 review) Review
31st January 2019


Leo is rich, popular and sporty. His life is perfect. When his parents and friends start acting strangely, Leo begins to... MoreWanted

(0 reviews) Review
23rd April 2019


Sara has to move to a refuge after her dad hits her mum. She can't bear to talk about it, not even to her best friend, H... MoreTorn

(0 reviews) Review
2nd September 2019

The Cell

When urban explorer, Raheem, is arrested for trespass, he panics about being locked in a cell - he hates small spaces. B... MoreThe Cell

(0 reviews) Review
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  • Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    Lots of children in our class have loved this book! The characters are brilliantly written and it is a great mixture of spooky and fun. The descriptio...

  • Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    Another book she just couldnt put down! My daughter (age 10) is going through a bit of a goth phase at the moment (after watching wednesday), so this...

  • Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    Valentine Crow & Mr Death

    by Rubiroo

    This book was okay I  liked it because Mr death was helping Valentine try to save his best friend Philomena.
    Valentine was my favourite character bec...