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Ian Whybrow

  • 5 stars across 141 books

     Ian Whybrow's many popular successes range from picture books to novels for older children. Best known for his original humour, he has a brilliant ear for voices, and takes pride in the fact that his work reads aloud very well. 'I loved being read to as a child,' he says. 'And I loved the sense that my parents were enjoying it too. For me, that's the acid test for any book - that there's something in it for everyone to enjoy.'

    5th May 2006

    The Tickle Book

    Look out - there's a Ticklemonster about! And he's off to tickle all his animal friends, from the pigs on the farm to ... More

    (16 reviews)
    2nd October 2008

    Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

    Harry finds some dusty plastic dinosaurs in Nan's attic. He cleans them, finds out their names and takes them everywhere... More

    (14 reviews)
    7th August 2003

    Harry and the Robots

    Harry's robot has to go to the robot hospital to get fixed. So Nan and Harry decide to make their own robot while he's b... More

    (12 reviews)
    7th January 2010

    Harry and the Dinosaurs United

    Harry's football team are trying their best, but they just keep getting in each other's way. But, luckily, Harry soon le... More

    (11 reviews)
    1st September 2005

    Harry and the Dinosaurs at the Museum

    A classic story about Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs! When Harry and the dinosaurs go to the museum they see ... More

    (10 reviews)
    7th October 2005

    The Christmas Bear

    When Santa sets off to deliver the presents poor Bear is left behind. How will he make it to Tom's house in time for C... More

    (10 reviews)
    7th June 2007

    Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School

    It's Harry's first day at school. He and his dinosaurs are very excited and perhaps a little bit nervous. But when Harry... More

    (9 reviews)
    2nd September 2011

    Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals

    Join an adorable ginger cat as she sets off to say goodnight to all her animal friends. From the barn owl swooping overh... More

    (7 reviews)
    2nd February 2006

    Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild

    When Harry goes to a safari park and discovers some animals are in danger of becoming extinct, he wants to save them! Ha... More

    (6 reviews)
    1st October 2004

    The Bedtime Bear

    Bedtime isn't bedtime without your favourite bear - and Tom's bear is on his way! Follow Bear on his adventures as he ... More

    (6 reviews)
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