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I read this book 17th September '18

Goal!: Football As You've Never Seen It Before
Author: DK
I loved this hardback edition, and the size of the book really appealed to me as I love encyclopaedia's of any kind. I found I did know quite a lot of the facts already that were in this book, but I do read a lot and pick up lots of different facts from everywhere. it was great to have a whole book of football knowledge in one place though, and I have flicked though and read certain parts again since reading it all the way through. The size of the book, the layout, and design are all fantastic, and really appeal to the viewer. Overall I would definitely recommend this this book, and my younger brother is now reading it.

Was read to me 23rd May '18

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Author: J. K. Rowling
Wow, what a book, definitely one of my all time favourites. The world JK Rowling creates is breathtakingly exciting, everything, the storyline, the characters the world it is set in, is so well written that it is all too easy to imagine you are at Hogwarts ( the school for witches and wizards) yourself. This book is a classic, a must read, and not just once but over and over again. Perfect for independent readers, and also great to read aloud at bedtimes. All my children love this book too.

I read this book 16th October '17

The Field Guide
Authors: Tony DiTerlizzi , Holly Black
I read this book in one day and night. I really liked all the action in the story and thought the storyline was original. I would like to read more of these books as I read this so quickly. I have since watched the filmed and enjoyed it but preferred the book.

Was read to me 30th September '17

George's Marvellous Medicine
Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
My children love this story, one is a massive Roald Dahl fan, the other less so and my youngest is just getting into chapter books. All three of them love this
Story. It is hilarious, we a simple to follow storyline about a young boy who has a mean Grandma, and so he decides to make up his own medicine for her using all dots of ingredients. We have read this book several times at bedtime and it never fails to amuse us all. The extra book we received, full of amazing experiments is just perfect. Anasazi get resource to both my children and myself. I am a preschool teacher and find this resource very useful. This book is is great length for a first chapter book and is suitable for age 5 to any age.

I read this book 7th March '17

Author: Anthony Horowitz
I am a big fan of Anthony Horowitz and this book did not disappoint. I liked all the action and mystery in this book. I liked that I could really relate to the main character, and he got to do so many cool things. The book is fast paced, and I read it really quickly as I couldn't put it down. The text and length of the book are both good and I really like the cover design. I have since read some more books in the series and I like them just as much.