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I read this book 13th January '19

The Pirates Next Door
Author: Jonny Duddle Illustrator: Jonny Duddle
I really enjoyed this book and it had a good message to it.

The jolley rogers move into a new house and the neighbours are not happy with them but tilda is excited about it.
It shows thats you shouldn't judge people on how they look. The illustrations in this book were very nice and i enjoyed taking in all the pictures.
I think their should be more books like this as it had a good message. 

I read this book 5th December '18

Hetty Feather
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Really enjoyed this book.

Main character hetty is one feisty girl who will stop at nothing to make sure she get what she wants done.
It is written so well and i like all the dramatic parts in it and it can get a bit sad when they punished. 

I read this book 21st November '18

Ask Oscar
Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: Sarah Horne
its about a boy called sam who wants a dog but his parent won't allow him as they are too costly,messy and too much work.
The dog called oscar turns up at his door one day and sam really want him to stay and not want his parents to find out who is at the door so he comes up with a plan.

I really enjoyed this book and it was funny and over the top.

Was read to me 5th November '18

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The book was wonderful to read, the story was really delightful. The characters were really interesting and I liked seeing their personalities develop throughout the story. 

I read this book 24th October '18

Jiggy McCue: WBD 2011: Do Bugs Have Bottoms? And Other Important Questions (and Answers) from the Science Museum and Evilution: The Troof (A Jiggy McCue Story)
Authors: Glenn Murphy , Michael Lawrence
Its a 2 in one book 

The do bugs have bottoms? book 

Was not expecting the book to be how it was as the cover looks very jokey and i thought it was all jokes but it was all rather interesting with all the knowledgeable facts on things and the science behind it.

A Jiggy Mccue story

The book was okay bit funny in parts but didn't quite appeal to me as much