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Book pages Matilda
Belle read it aged 7
This is my favourite book ever.
I love Matilda and miss honey they are so lovely.  I love all the tricks that Matilda plays on all the naughty grown up.
I was so sad that her mummy and daddy were so horrid to get but loved how clever she was and understood more than her parents, the bit where she's does the sums quicker than her brother or father is brill.
Miss Trunchbull is horrid horrid and wicked.  But the things she does make you laugh but the lizard in the water and the chalk on the board are hilarious.
Love this book and the best ending ever.

Wrote a Review 12th June '16

Book pages The Twits
The Twits
Belle read it aged 7
I love this book.
The twits is one of my favourite stories and when I first got it I read it with my mummy in one night.
Mr and Mrs twit are horrible but the tricks they play on each othe make me laugh. My favourite is the glass eye.
But th best bit is the big trick the monkeys play on the twits I laughed so much so much.

Wrote a Review 12th June '16

Book pages Stick Man
Stick Man
I read it to Belle aged 7 & to Harri aged 4
As always Julia Donaldson does not fail to deliever.  A wonderful,scary , sad but happy story with a lovely guest appearance at the end.  My children absolutely adore this story they love joining in as a read and the rhyming styles is brilliant.