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I read this book 9th July '18

Kat Wolfe Investigates
Author: Lauren St John
I thought the book was good and perfect for anyone who loves animals and mysteries too. It is based around Kat's move to Bluebell Bay in Dorset with her Mother and how she has to adjust to her new life. She makes a new good friend called Harper and they end up getting involved in an assassination plot, which is very exciting. I will be looking out for more books from this Author.

Was read to me 9th July '18

National Teams of the World
Author: Nicola Velsen
This book is great! Lots of great facts about national football teams such as biggest win and biggest defeat. Great illustrations of National flags and the football strips. Very concise and the whole family enjoyed looking up facts about the various teams. 

I read this book 5th June '18

Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke: (Jacky Ha-Ha 2)
Author: James Patterson
I enjoyed this book and especially the main Character Jacky Ha Ha as she is very funny. The story tells of all the mysteries and adventures Jacky and her drama school friends get up to during their summer vacation. I think this Author is great! 

I read this book 31st March '18

Lucy Locket: Online Disaster
Author: Emma Moss
I really enjoyed this book as I am a big Youtube fan. I liked how the book tackled how Lucy deals with the difficulties in moving to the UK, leaving friends behind and starting a new school. It kept me wanting to read and read it within a week!

I read this book 31st March '18

Crimson Poison
Author: Susan Moore
It took a while to get into this book but I did eventually like it. I love that it has a female lead character who had lots of adventures with her fantastic Dragonbot Fizz! I would recommend his book to Girls aged 12 +