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Arabian Nights Adventures Series

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    All the Arabian Nights Adventures books in order:

    Book 1: The Adventures of Prince Camar and Princess Badoura (2015)
    Book 2: Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp (2015)
    Book 3: Gulnare of the Sea (2016)
    Book 4: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (2016)
    Book 5: The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor (2016)
    Book 6: The Enchanted Horse (2015)
    Book 7: The Talking Bird, the Singing Tree and the Golden Water (2017)
    Book 8: The Merchant and the Jinni (2017)
    Book 9: The Tale of Zubaidah and the Three Qalandars (2017)
    Book 10: The Adventures of Harun al-Rashid Caliph o Baghdad (2018)
    Book 11: The Three Princes, the Princess and the Jinni Pari Banou (2018)
    Book 12: The Fisherman and the Jinni (2018)
    Book 13: The King's Jester (2018)

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