The Scar Gatherer Series

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All The Scar Gatherer books in order:

Book 1: The Leopard in the Golden Cage (2014)
Book 2: Saving the Unicorn's Horn (2014)
Book 3: The Falconer's Quarry (2015)
Book 4: The Demon in the Embers (2016)
Book 5: Slaves for the Isabella (2017)

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  • Slaves for the Isabella

    Slaves for the Isabella

    This is a story that includes truths about the past. It is set from the point of of a former slave who was sold in the slave trade. It is quiet a dark...

  • Slaves for the Isabella

    Slaves for the Isabella

    I had the absolute pleasure of reading Slaves for the Isabella before it came out. I was completely new to Julia Edwards work so my expectations were...

  • Saving the Unicorn's Horn

    Saving the Unicorn's Horn

    My son has zoomed his way through the Scar Gatherer Series, and he says that Saving the Unicorns Horn is his favourite of all three - because it is ab...