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White Giraffe Series

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    Book 1
    Book 1

    Dolphin Song

    It's June - winter in South Africa, and Martine and her grandmother are enjoying a cold but beautiful walk along the bea... More

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    Book 2
    Book 2

    The Last Leopard

    Martine is looking forward to the holidays and riding Jemmy, her white giraffe, until an accident sends her and Ben on a... More

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    Book pages The Snowflake
    The Snowflake

    BOOK OF THE MONTH: An enchanting and timeless winter tale from Benji Davies, one of today's most celebrated picture book stars.

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    • The Last Leopard

      The Last Leopard

      by Mayyay

      Martine is growing up with her Grandma in Africa because her parents are dead. When a friend is in trouble they and Ben go to help. Soon Martine and B...