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First a rat must earn his name. Then he must live up to it.
This is the story of Gabble, a young rat with a wild, beloved, but unpredictable brother, Ash. At the start of the book Ash tricks Gabble into going out with him on a 'name raid', a dangerous mission to earn a True Name, normally reserved for older rats. Gabble finds himself drawn into a perilous adventure, crossing boundaries, fighting with enemy rat packs, and eventually being forced to confront both his brother and himself in the most dramatic fashion.

Trickster Reviews | Toppsta


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Age 8 9

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Tom Moorhouse is an unusual mix - half children's author and half research ecologist at Oxford University. His debut novel The River Singers (2013) won the 2015 Quality Fiction category of the North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards. It was nominated for the 2015 Carn...

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